Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fast Lane

First of all, my apologies -- I think this is the latest in the day I've ever blogged.  However, I'm pretty stressed out.

I finally got one of those Fast Lane transponders so I can go through the automated lanes of the Mass Pike.  It's something I've been meaning to do for years, and I finally realized I could sign up for it online.  Two days later, it showed up in the mail.

Perfect, right? Wrong.  Now I have to mount it on my windshield.  I'm not a dinosaur when it comes to tech, I can generally get by.  But this is the perfect situation for something to go wrong and prevent the ETC lanes from reading it properly.

Tonight I will be on the Pike.  This will be the acid test.  I hope the next time I'm blogging it's not from jail. 


  1. When I got a new car, I never got new strips to attach my Fast Lane to the window, so I have to put it on the dash whenever I go through.

  2. you'd think they'd be more user friendly