Monday, December 6, 2010

The Haters Are Out And About

There's nothing like a 45-3 beatdown of the Jets to bring all the New England Patriots haters out in full force.  Now that the Pats seem to be a legitimate Super Bowl threat, over the past few hours I've seen blogs and posts accusing Tom Brady of being a "pre-madonna" (whatever that means, I think they meant prima donna but I don't expect Patriots haters to know how to spell) and accusing Bob Kraft of screwing Hartford over back in 1999 by going back on a plan to move the Pats to Connecticut.  Maybe, but methinks the venom should be directed more towards then-Gov. John Rowland, who crafted a multi-million-dollar agreement with public money, that was also filled with loopholes to allow Kraft an out to stay in Massachusetts. Rowland later spent time in jail for tax fraud, granted it was for an unrelated matter, but it certainly speaks to his character.

Anyway, I'm just gonna sit here and enjoy the moment.  I don't know if the Patriots will win the Super Bowl.  They still have some holes but they're certainly improving.  We'll just have to wait and see.   


  1. Methinks all the haters are people you've seen on my Facebook page.

  2. Methinks all the people I saw on your Facebook page are unusually quiet today. Perhaps they're not feeling well?