Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ummm, Never Mind

Yeah, remember when I said I was screwed if I got into an accident during my trip to Connecticut?

From a few hours ago:

Me: "Hi, my AAA membership expired and I need to renew."

Customer Service Rep: "Can you give me your number."

(I proceed to do this.)

Customer Service Rep: "Sir, your membership was renewed two months ago."

Me: "Really?"

Customer Service Rep: "Have you not received your new card?" 

Me: "No."

Customer Service Rep: "We'll send another one right out to you."

So I hang up, and the first thing I see when I look over at my tablestand is my new AAA card, with a September '11 expiration date.  This writing gig is ruining my memory.


  1. no, your memory just sucks. its a fmaily trait. welcome to the family, bro.

  2. Hahahaha, that's hilarious. Maybe you should have renewed for life.

  3. I wish you could renew AAA for life I ALWAYS forget to renew. BTW, mine is up for renewal on 11/15 so dont forget to remind me in 10 days to make sure I pay up!

  4. Ha! That's awesome. I've actually done that.

  5. Its okay... AAA is apparently used to that ... we've prepped them for delayed renewals and re-renewals for years ;)