Sunday, November 7, 2010

Conan's Back in Town

Conan O'Brien returns tonight at 11.  I wish him well.  This whole debacle was NBC's fault.  Why would you pick the Tonight Show successor five years in advance?  That's like the Patriots announcing that they've locked Brian Hoyer in as their starting quarterback in 2015.  Jay gets pushed out, his ratings sag, Conan ends up being a disaster at 11:35, NBC realizes the mistake and fires Conan, brings back Jay, Conan and Jay start to hate each other, etc. etc.  What a mess.

Personally, I think Conan is more 12:35 funny than 11:35 funny.  He's got that offbeat humor that plays better when you're about to go to bed, and you can make the decision about whether to stay up the extra five minutes for In The Year 3000 or Celebrity Survey, or go to bed a little earlier because Conan's dumber skits (The Masturbating Bear, The Interruptor) are on.

I hope NBC learns from this debacle, though I doubt it, based on their interminable Sunday night pre-game show. 

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