Thursday, November 4, 2010


Yesterday I drove down to Fairfield to register for classes for the winter residency in my MFA program.  The process, which is usually a pain in the ass because of financial aid and the relative obscurity the FUMFA program holds among the university at large, was actually surprisingly smooth.  Then I went over to Mother Hastings' office to drop off my Enders Island deposit.  So everything is all set.  And I figured, since I was down there, why not go to a reading from writers extraordinaire (and Fairfield faculty) Lary Bloom and Nalini Jones?
After the reading we gathered and socialized, something writers tend to do.  I received some generous offers from fellow FUMFAers who live in the Fairfield area to stay overnight, but I felt it was better to drive home.  I'm a night person, and it's easier for me to stay up late and drive home and not have to fight traffic then to wake up early and be a zombie for the first two or three hours of my day while fighting traffic.

So I'm about to enter the on-ramp for the Mass Turnpike when I'm fumbling through my wallet for some change.  Some things falls out, one of which is my AAA card, which I realize expired in September.

It's a good thing I didn't know about this earlier in the day.  The last thing I needed is to be stressed out about getting into an accident, having a flat tire or needing a tow while driving all over Connecticut.

That's a wrap.  Now I gotta go call AAA and renew my membership.   

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  1. One never thinks about them until there's a breakdown, or one needs a Triptik... better you found out now rather than later!