Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 9 NFL Predictions

Some hastily assembled picks this week. Because I'm busy. And tired. Thankfully there are only 13 games this week.

Panthers 30, Saints 20 -- Thanks for being my upset special last week, New Orleans. But, playing on the road you might as well be the Raiders.

Bengals 28, Jaguars 21 -- Jacksonville: Repeat last sentence from previous thumbnail.

Browns 42, Buccaneers 31 --  Johnny Manziel launches another embarrassing tantrum when he's informed he can't trade himself to Tampa Bay.

Cardinals 21, Cowboys 10 -- Tony Romo, having an MVP-caliber season, throws out his back against Redskins, makes a Willis Reed-Curt Schilling-type comeback back into the game, just in time to blow it in OT. Nice job.

Eagles 34, Texans 24 -- Hi, we're the Houston Texans. We love to beat up on bad teams but we can't beat anybody good.

Chiefs 27, Jets 7 -- Screw you, Rex Ryan. I believed that you guys weren't that bad and picked you against the Bills, and you get smoked. Never again.

Dolphins 24, Chargers 14 -- That sound you hear is me jumping off the San Diego bandwagon.

Vikings 44, Redskins 38 -- RGIII back? Redskins wouldn't be the dysfunctional bunch they are if he won in his return.

49ers 21, Rams 20 -- Speaking of dysfunctional bunches, I present to you the St. Louis Rams.

Broncos 30, Patriots 26 -- My heart says New England. But I just can't. Not quite yet.

Seahawks 33, Raiders 3 -- When was the last time the defending Super Bowl champions were playing a 4:00 game and would be seen by about 1% of the national offense?

Ravens 23, Steelers 20 -- Ben Roethlisberger has had a Jekyll & Hyde season. Last week he threw 6 TD passes. You do the math.

Colts 27, Giants 19 -- At least when Eli Manning loses to the Colts now, he's not losing to his big bro anymore.



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