Thursday, November 6, 2014

Week 10 NFL Predictions

Before I go into this week's picks, a promise -- I will blog about something other than football before next week's games.

Now, some predictions: 

Bengals 35, Browns 23 -- I can't figure out the AFC Central, kind of like how most people can't figure out me.


Ravens 27, Titans 26 -- Tennessee is 2-6 but not in last place in its division. Ravens are in last place in their division with a 5-4 record. Call it the Ray Rice Factor. Karma's a bitch.


Chiefs 17, Bills 16 -- Two up-and-coming teams. Game could be closer than Massachusetts gubernatorial election, minus the negative campaign ads and boring personalities.


Lions 23, Dolphins 8 -- Miami took advantage last week of a warm weather team (Chargers) taking a long flight to play on the road. Exactly that Detroit will do this week against Miami.


Cowboys 21, Jaguars 19 -- The bad breaks keep on coming for Jacksonville: NFL rejects Jaguars' petition to have this London game played under rugby league rules.


49ers 31, Saints 15 -- Saints are in first place in their division with a 4-4 record. San Francisco is 4-4 but in third place in its division.  Call it the Ray McDonald Factor. Karma's a bitch.


Steelers 19, Jets 16 -- Rex Ryan has a way of getting 2014 Jets to play hard against Super Bowl-winning QBs (Peyton Manning, Tom Brady) but fall just short. Fat Rex Ryan, Circa 2010, would've found a way to get 2014 Jets to win those games.


Falcons 27, Buccaneers 14 --  Falcons laid 56-14 whooping on Tampa Bay earlier this year. That said, Falcons are not a very good team. Karma's a bitch.


Broncos 37, Raiders 20 -- Raiders suck. That is all.


Cardinals 20, Rams 14 -- Rams have upset both the Seahawks and 49ers in the past three weeks. Therein lies the Catch-22: once people notice you're sneaky good, though, you can no longer sneak up on anybody. 


Seahawks 30, Giants 28 -- Funny how after Richard Sherman started talking too much about how teams never throw against him, teams started throwing at him with success just to shut him up. Karma's a bitch.


Packers 35, Bears 28 -- It's getting personal in Chicago, where former linebacker Brian Urlacher says he "hasn't played like an elite quarterback." Now Urlacher says in Cutler's guest appearance in an episode last year of The League that Cutler "hasn't performed like an elite actor."


Eagles 20, Panthers 9 -- Every time Steve Smith scores a TD for Baltimore, a part of Cam Newton dies.








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