Thursday, November 13, 2014

NFL Week 11 Predictions

I screwed up. I promised a non-football related blog last week before this one. Then I forgot about how busy this week was going to be for me. Oops. I suck.

I will make the same promise again for next week. Which probably means nothing to you.

But, hey, at least I went 11-2 last week (and who the hell would've picked the Jets to beat Pittsburgh anyway).

This week's picks: 

Dolphins 19, Bills 14 -- Two teams I hate, two teams that suffered tough losses last week, hopefully one of those tough losses sends that team into a downward spiral.

Panthers 45, Falcons 28 -- Imagine of Matt Ryan could throw against his own defense every week?

Bears 34, Vikings 17 -- Bears defense is the Jay Cutler of defenses.

Browns 27, Texans 17 -- Brian Hoyer vs. Ryan Mallett to determine who looked better on the sidelines backing up Tom Brady?

Chiefs 42, Seahawks 24 -- Pete Carroll denies reaching out to put feelers on Randy Moss' interest in coming out of retirement. Of course he didn't. Any good Seahawk would call Steve Largent first.

Saints 26, Bengals 6 -- New Orleans, at 4-5, is in first place in NFC South. If the Saints were in the AFC Central they'd be in last place. Alas, Andy Dalton played like he was on crack last Thursday so I go with New Orleans here on principle.

49ers 48, Giants 14 -- Giants collectively need to see a shrink.

Broncos 36, Rams 33 -- Rams coach Jeff Fisher said Peyton Manning is throwing better than he ever has. He watched tape of the Broncos-Patriots game, right?

Buccaneers 19, Redskins 13 -- If only Jon Gruden still coached Tampa Bay, this could be the Gruden Bowl -- and people still wouldn't care about the outcome.

Chargers 40, Raiders 34 -- Chargers were so bad against Miami, a San Diego fan blocked me on Twitter when I made a comment about it. Raiders fans should be blocked on principal alone.

Lions 45, Cardinals 21 -- Detroit has lost five straight vs. Arizona. I should pick against them just for that, but....

Packers 27, Eagles 24 -- Should be a hell of a game, which means it probably won't be....

Patriots 31, Colts 28 -- I'm probably jinxing the Patriots. I hate myself for that.

Steelers 30, Titans 7 -- Who scheduled this game for Monday night, anyway?



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