Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NFL Week 13 Predictions

The worst part of Thanksgiving Week: for the rest of the season there's a full slate of games. No more bye weeks.

This is exhausting.

Anyway, my picks:

Lions 28, Bears 25 -- Bears lose because they got their asses kicked slightly worse in Foxboro than Detroit.

Cowboys 38, Eagles 33 -- Went to bed Sunday night, Giants were moving the ball up and down the field, I'm like "Giants are gonna win" and I started to drift to sleep. Woke up the next morning and Dallas had won. Then again, Philadelphia doesn't suck....

49ers 20, Seahawks 17 -- Jim Harbaugh even surlier than normal when he can't have Thanksgiving dinner with brother John.

Ravens 32, Chargers 14 -- All four AFC North teams are 7-4 or better. But thanks to tiebreakers, if the season ended today, only the division-leading Bengals would make the playoffs. But don't you worry. The 7-4 Chargers (who would qualify for playoffs under the above scenario) and their maddening inconsistency will change that.

Bills 13, Browns 6 -- Detroit's best NFL team in 2014: the Buffalo Bills (2-0 in Detroit this season).

Titans 24, Texans 10 -- Tough week. Texans QB Ryan Mallett out for season after sustaining torn pectoral muscle before last Sunday's game vs. Bengals. Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt out for season after sustaining crushed ego following 43-24 loss last Sunday vs. Eagles.

Colts 34, Redskins 21 -- Also benching RG III in favor of Colt McCoy -- Subway.

Giants 24, Jaguars 20 -- If only Odell Beckham Jr. could coach as well as catch.

Panthers 31, Vikings 17 -- How bad is the NFC South? Carolina Panthers, on a five-game losing streak, had a bye last week and nearly leapfrogged over Falcons and Saints into first place.

Steelers 27, Saints 24 -- The NFC South is dead to me: two of my three losses last week came picking NFC South-AFC North matchups. Then again, Steelers lost to the lowly Buccaneers....

Rams 20, Raiders 14 -- When both these teams played in Los Angeles, people in Los Angeles still didn't care about this game.

Bengals 16, Buccaneers 13 -- I see Cincinnati is on one of those "We don't suck" streaks again.

Cardinals 40, Falcons 37 -- Seriously, I'm not kidding, the Panthers could be in first place after Sunday.

Packers 31, Patriots 27 -- See my Week 9 Patriots prediction: "My heart says New England. But I just can't. Not quite yet."

Broncos 35, Chiefs 28 -- Starting to be bearish on Denver, but hey, Kansas City lost to the Raiders last week.

Dolphins 23, Jets 3 -- As a friend of mine pointed out today, Jets play better when they don't show up.

LAST WEEK -- 12-3

SEASON TO DATE -- 118-57-1

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