Friday, April 12, 2013


I did it. I jinxed myself.

Last month I made the final car payment on my PT Cruiser, and posted my happiness about that on Facebook, with a sarcastic expectation that "it'll probably die on me now."

A week later, the title arrived in the mail.

Two weeks after that, I was coming home from staff meeting and about 10 minutes from home I heard a "THUNK" from the engine of my car, followed by some sputtering. I was able to drive it home (bypassing a gas station, even though the low fuel light had just come on, because I had a bad vibe). But when I tried to start it up again a couple of hours later, it wouldn't shift into gear.

My fears were confirmed a couple of days later -- it needed a new transmission.

To me, it just wasn't worth it to sink that kind of money on a transmission, for the miles my car had on it. Nobody wants to shell out a lot of money and then have somethng else go wrong in thier car. So as much as it pained me, I went out car-shopping again.

I really wanted to go awhile (like maybe a year or two) without making car payments. But here we are again. I have a new car. Hopefully, it'll be a hassle-free experience.

I'll try not to jinx myself again.

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  1. This was not a good experience for you. A car is one of our great investments, and seeing it to breakdown in a snap is very disappointing. Transmission glitches are one problem we don't want to deal with. Maybe I'm lucky for having my transmission guy. He always revives my dying car, which mean adding years to my dear auto. Anyway, you have a new car! How is it now?
    x Jae Gunderson x @