Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rot In Hell bin Laden

Nearly 10 years ago, a coward named Osama bin Laden charged 19 thugs with the September 11th attacks. These savage attacks killed 3,000 Americans as well as people of other nationalities and all religions. These attacks damaged our economy and polarized our nation into factions. In many ways, our country has never been and never will be the same.

Yesterday, a drone operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan, killed Osama bin Laden. His body was recovered and is in possession of the United States military. DNA records from bin Laden's sister, who died a few years ago in Boston, confirmed that the body is indeed bin Laden's.

This does not end terrorism. There will always be people who hate America, for one reason of another. There will always be an al-Qaeda, other terrorist group or rogue nation that wants to destroy or punish America, just like the British in 1776 or the Japanese and Germans in 1941. Osama bin Laden was not the only bad person in the world.

But I'm happy that bin Laden is now rotting in hell.

I'm proud to be an American.

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