Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture Wrapup

There's a billboard on Route 9 not far form where I live that is all black except for, in bold, bright letters,  "" Kinky and intriguing, but if you go to the Web site you quickly learn it's for a plumbing and heating company. Double entendre. Ha. Don't believe what you see on a billboard.

I bring this up because, except for a computer virus yesterday that I quickly took care of, Rapture came and went without much fanfare. The world apparently hasn't ended.

I really wish people would not publicize this shit. Just because someone buys billboard space doesn't mean what they print on that space is true, or that anyone else should care. All it does is give these wackjobs a platform.

I'm not a very religious person but I support anyone's faith and most people respect my worship, or lack thereof, by not getting in my face about why their faith is right by, say, telling me it says the world's about to end. That's the other thing I dislike about this. It's insulting to those who are devout but sane.

So the earth is still spinning on its axis. Can we all move on now?

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