Friday, January 14, 2011

Correction -- 21.1 Inches

This is what happens when we get 21.1 inches of snow (not 18 inches as originally reported).

PART 1: I go outside an my car is buried in snow and ice.  I try to open the door, and there's so much snow around the car that it won't open.  I pull the door with all the strength I have and get it cracked open enough that I can slip inside. 

PART 2: I turn on the ignition.  Often times I can just turn on the windshield wipers and that'll suffice to rid the snow, but clearly this time that's not an option.  I grab my snow brush and begin going to town on the front and top of my car.

My hands are starting to get cold.  I realize I probably should have my heavy-duty gloves on, not my little dinky gloves that are made of yarn and more comfortable for driving.  I go back inside and grab the real gloves.

I brush off the back of the car with little effort.  The top and front are a bigger deal.  I can't reach every area on the top of my car, and the front of my car is frozen into the snowbank that's formed between my car and the fence.

The woman who's parked across from me offers me her brush, which is the Tyrannosaurus rex of snowbrushes.  This is a major windfall.  With this brush, I rid my car of snow in about 15 seconds. 

PART 3:  Now I have to move the car out of the snowbank it's caught in.  Usually I try the lazy way, alternating in reverse and drive until it finally escapes.  I'm not optimistic it'll work this time.  I have a sinking feeling my car will be stuck until the snow melts, which will take days.  But I try anyway, and after going back and forth five or six times (all the while listening to Katy Perry's "California Gurls", kind of ironic if you ask me), the car actually extricates itself from the snowbank.  I'm home free, and now have use of my car again.

See, that wasn't so bad.



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  2. I could comment about how my SUV always gets stuck when the snow plow comes down the street blocking it in. But I won't. Being in Philly we only got about 8 inches and I have an SUV. I guess, I really shouldn't complain.

    Glad to hear you got out. Welcome back to the world.

    *I deleted my previous comment. I hate typos.*