Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 NFL Week 8 Predictions: Patriots on Thursday Night Football Edition

Nice rebound for me this past weekend (10-4). I don't have time to waste since the Patriots play tonight.

This week's picks:

New England 27, Miami 17 -- Because of the short prep week, Bill Belichick said he went so easy on the team that his mother could've finished this week's team practices. Which is good, because next weekend the Patriots' and Dolphins' moms are scheduled to play each other.

Detroit 7, Kansas City 6 -- The designated "home teams" in this year's London games: Dolphins, Jaguars, Chiefs. No wonder the Brits prefer soccer.

Atlanta 24, Tampa Bay 21 -- After blowing a 24-point-lead to lose to Washington last weekend, Lovie Smith said Buccaneers are "in a dark place." They're gonna be in an even darker place this weekend once we turn the clocks back.

Baltimore 14, San Diego 13 -- Ravens in January: cried about Patriots using eligible receivers at ineligible positions in the playoffs last year. Still lost the game. Ravens in October: get flagged vs. Cardinals for ineligible receivers not reporting to play eligible positions. Still lost the game.  Karma's a bitch, Ravens Nation.

Minnesota 25, Chicago 7 -- Hard to believe the Bears are an overtime loss two weeks ago from being 3-3.

Arizona 29, Cleveland 21 -- Last week: Cardinals beat the Ravens, i.e., the old Browns. Meet the new Browns, same as the old Browns.

Houston 28, Tennessee 22 -- Ryan Mallett cut after missing Texans' charter flight to Miami this past weekend. Texans trailed Dolphins 41-0 at halftime; obviously Mallett knew something everyone else didn't.

New Orleans 31, N.Y. Giants 3 -- Giants CB Prince Amukamara on JPP, post-surgery: "I've never seen a hand like that before." Fine. But if he develops a Velociraptor toe-claw the league has to step in.

Pittsburgh 24, Cincinnati 13 -- I'm gonna keep picking against the Bengals because someday they'll lose.

St. Louis 28, San Francisco 10 -- Seattle CB Richard Sherman this week expressed his dislike for Thursday Night Football. Judging from the way 49ers played against Seattle last week, they also hate Thursday Night Football.

N.Y. Jets 28, Oakland 19 -- Picked the Chargers to beat Oakland last week and knew I should've gone with the Raiders instead. KNEW IT! I hate myself for that.

Seattle 38, Dallas 17 -- Greg Hardy's most fearsome pass rush to date last week, vs. the Dallas special teams coach.

Green Bay 19, Denver 13 -- Just what we need: three hours of Bob Costas philosophizing about these two undefeated teams and quarterbacks playing. Almost makes me wish NBC would flex out of this game.

Carolina 31, Indianapolis 7 -- After Colts laid an egg vs. New Orleans, owner Jim Irsay and GM Ryan Grigson reportedly got into "a heated discussion" in Indianapolis locker room. Which, according to the laws of physics, raised the temperature of the footballs in the room by at least 2 psi.


2015: 62-43

2014 THROUGH WEEK 7: 67-39

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