Thursday, September 24, 2015

2015 NFL Week 3 Predictions: Scandal-Free Edition

I think I've noticed a pattern.

After the first two games last year I was 13-19. The first couple of weeks of the season, you tend to rely on the previous season's results, and so you're like, "There's no way the [insert team name here] can start 0-2/2-0."

Thus, after the first two weeks this season, I'm also 13-19.

Last year I buckled down after week 2 and ended up something like 100 games over .500 for the year. Let's hope the same happens here.

The picks:

N.Y. Giants 24, Washington 17 -- I keep picking the Giants to win, and every week bad clock management costs them the game in the final minute. At some point they have to realize that games are 60 minutes long instead of 58 minutes, right?

Baltimore 23, Cincinnati 9 -- The three teams New England beat in the playoffs last year (Baltimore, Indianapolis, Seattle) are a combined 0-6. This is what happens when you spend more time whining than game-planning.

Carolina 35, New Orleans 27 -- LAST YEAR: Carolina, started 2-0, went 1-8-1 in the next 10 games, finished 4-0. I could see that happening again except I've lost all confidence in the Saints.

Cleveland 26, Oakland 24 -- Johnny Manziel "disappointed" at not starting this week, also disappointed that the Browns don't have a happy hour before home games.

Atlanta 37, Dallas 35 -- Cowboys are 2-0, but could easily be 0-2 if their opponents managed the clock better or simply attempted to play offense.

Houston 37, Tampa Bay 9 -- Maybe the Texans should start J.J. Watt at QB.

San Diego 33, Minnesota 31 -- FUN FACT: Chargers are 6-5 all-time against Vikings; neither team has won consecutive games in the series. San Diego won the last matchup in 2011. Clearly I have way too much confidence in Philip Rivers.

New England 28, Jacksonville 25 -- Jaguars made no disparaging comment about the Patriots this week. Thus, this game scares me to death.

N.Y Jets 35, Philadelphia 30 -- story says Eagles are "unsure" if DeMarco Murray will play. A similar article quotes Eagles as being "unsure" if they will score another touchdown the rest of the season.

Pittsburgh 24, St. Louis 14 -- If the Steelers were a reality TV show, Josh Scobee would be the first contestant voted off the island.

Indianapolis 24, Tennessee 10 -- Colts claim goal-line fumble by Frank Gore on Monday night happened because Patriots snuck one of their deflated balls into the game.

Arizona 23, San Francisco 14 -- Cardinals with Carson Palmer at QB: among the NFL's elite teams. Cardinals without Carson Palmer at QB: everybody's homecoming opponent.

Buffalo 17, Miami 7 -- He didn't know Dion Lewis' name; now Rex Ryan gets himself in more hot water by admitting he doesn't know Miami's team name.

Seattle 25, Chicago 19 -- This game is gift-wrapped for the wounded Seahawks: an 0-2 team, without it's starting quarterback. If Seattle can't win this game, they deserve to be eliminated.

Denver 20, Detroit 16 -- If this was the NHL, Peyton Manning would be the early-season favorite for the Selke Award.

Green Bay 17, Kansas City 3 -- I don't want to say the Broncos game was a tough loss for the Chiefs, but when they seek out clock management advice from Tom Coughlin it's not good.




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