Saturday, January 3, 2015

NFL Wilcdcard Weekend Predictions

It's playoff time. It's a good thing because I'm tired of picking 16 games every week. Now I only have to pick four.

Here goes:

Panthers 19, Cardinals 12 -- The only thing worse than having a playoff game between a team with a losing record and a team that's playing it's 17th-string quarterback: having Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden announce it.

Ravens 27, Steelers 21 -- Pittsburgh: lost to the Jets, Buccaneers and Saints. Baltimore: went a mediocre 6-6 against the AFC. It's too bad playoff games can't end in a tie.

Colts 31, Bengals 24 -- Cincinnati: Lost 27-0 to Colts earlier this year. Indianapolis: lost 42-7 to Cowboys, who are about as soft as the Bengals. It's too bad both teams can't lose a playoff game.

Cowboys 39, Lions 31 -- Detroit: Matthew Stafford is 0-15 on the road against teams with winning records. Dallas: 8-0 on the road in 2014, 4-4 at home. Pretty much I can see myself going 0-4 in these games.

LAST WEEK -- 14-2

SEASON TO DATE -- 175-81

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