Saturday, January 10, 2015

NFL Divisional Weekend Predictions

I went 4-0 last weekend. Can I keep the undefeated streak going?

We'll see:

Patriots 20, Ravens 3 -- I hate picking Patriots games, because my heart is always in it. But here we are. Anyway, everyone across America seems convinced Baltimore's gonna win. When that happens between two fairly evenly matched teams, it's often a jinx. For my hearts sake, hopefully it is.

Seahawks 13, Panthers 10 -- I think this will be a closer game that everyone else does: they've played each of the past two seasons and Seattle has had to come from behind late to win both. But Seahawks probably do have too much talent to lose this.

Packers 20, Cowboys 10 -- Tony Romo can't have two clutch playoff performances in a row, right?

Colts 33, Broncos 14 -- There's always seems to be an upset in the divisional round and in the other three games I picked the home game. Aw what the fuck, why not....

LAST WEEK -- 4-0

SEASON TO DATE -- 179-81

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