Sunday, April 22, 2012

The OT I Didn't See

For the past few days my Internet has been spotty. I called Comcast and they scheduled a techie to come visit Sunday evening.

Also Sunday evening, the Bruins were fighting for their playoff lives, down 3 games to 2 to the Washington Capitals. The techie arrived and fiddled with some things and then found that a wire outside was frayed, and he needed to run a new line in. This meant he would have to take TV, phone and Internet offline.

Right as the game was tied at 3, going into overtime.

I tried flipping the radio to 98.5 (Bruins flagship station) but I got lousy reception. I sat there, without TV or Internet. The TV teased me, frozen to a picture of a Bruin carrying the puck in the Boston zone, while three Capitals lie in wait at center ice. I waited for an hour for the techie to run the wire up and restore services, knowing that at any point the Bruins season may have ended, or that the game might be well into double overtime.

NBC came back on at 7:05. Dateline NBC was on. Thus, the game was clearly over. I clicked onto, where I discovered that Tyler Sequin kept the B's season alive.

I may have to cut off my Comcast on Wednesday night for Game 7.

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