Saturday, April 14, 2012

Anger Management

I was at Shaw's and it was late. There was one checkout line with a light on, but no cashier to be found there. There was one cashier to be found, the light was out at her Aisle 3 but he was still checking somebody out.

I got in line there.

The woman who was being checked out turns to me and says, "Can't you see this aisle's closed?"

Wow. Bitch much? Don't know if she works there or she was just in a cranky mood.

I looked around, then returned my stared to her and said, "I don't see any other cashiers working."

The girl who was bagging her groceries said, "I can take you over at 7."

I've always thought I was the one with the anger management problem. It's amazing how much grumpier some other people are than me.

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