Wednesday, April 4, 2012

National League

Baseball can be pretty self-important. For years the National League has had two more teams than the American League (16-14). It was stated by The Powers That Be that it had to be that way because, with interleague play, if there were an even number of teams there always would have to be an interleague series going on.

This is so stupid. Who cares if there's an interleague series all the time. Why not? The NFL, which almost always does everything MLB screws up the right way, does that. Outside of the final weekend (when all NFL teams play division opponents to lessen the possibility of teams with nothing to play for mailing it in), the NFL schedules interconference matchups every week.

This stupidity will end next season. There's still plenty of time for baseball to get cold feet and change its mind, but in 2013 the Houston Astros will move to the American League West. It creates a natural rivalry with Texas. It allows interleague play all the time instead of in that silly two-week window they always have for it.

Nice job, baseball. A good way to start the 2012 festivies. Now don't screw everything else up.

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