Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Here

Now that I've skiped a day for the first time, and the earth didn't spin off its axis and go hurtling into the sun, it's back to the important topics at hand -- NFL Week 2.

It was nice to see the Patriots make a commitment to balance on offense Sunday.  One of my biggest complaints about Bill Belichick is that he falls in love with Tom Brady and has these games where he just seems hell-bent on throwing the ball 50 times a game.  Sunday against the Bills -- 38 runs, 28 passes.  (Technically, it was really 37 and 29, as one run was a Brady scramble that was designed to be a pass play.)  It was almostg dead even until the final drive, when the Patriots were protecting the lead.  And they didn't try to force the ball to Randy Moss, yet he still caught two touchdowns.  I'd like to see things stay in balance the rest of the year.

What the hell was Packers coach Mike McCarthy thinking last night?  In a 17-17 tie with two minutes left, he let the Bears run out the clock and kick a field goal with four seconds left.  I know this will draw the ire of football old-timers who think I'm making a mockery of the game, but in that situation you have to let the Bears score a touchdown so you can get the ball back and allow your elite quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, an opportunity to go back down the field and score to try to salvage the game.

All right, enough for today.  I'm exhausted.

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