Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mascot on Steroids -- a.k.a., The Perils of a High-Scoring Offense

Every time the Oregon football team scores, the Oregon Duck does push-ups -- one for every point. If Oregon scores a touchdown on its opening drive, the Duck will do seven push-ups. If the team adds a field goal on the second drive, the Duck does 10 push-ups, etc.

The season is only three weeks old, but suffice it to say the Oregon Duck has ben getting a hell of a workout. Oregon has won its first three games 72-0, 48-13 and 69-0.  After adding up all the points Oregon has scored and the sequence of the scoring, all told the Oregon Duck has done 1,219 push-ups in the first three games of the season -- 506 in week 1, 192 in week 2 and 422 in week 3.  At that pace, the Duck will do 4,876 over the course of the season (not including a likely post-season bowl game).  Pretty soon the Duck will be so jacked, they'll be forcing it submit to steroid testing.

I've been working out a little more lately, but 4,876 push-ups is a little ridiculous.   

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