Thursday, December 17, 2015

NFL 2015 Week 15 Picks: Playoff Tiebreaker Edition

Well, last week was my best of the season: 13-3. Better late than never I guess.


This week’s picks:


Tampa Bay 24, St. Louis 14 – Not sure how Jeff Fisher keeps his job every year. Maybe when the Rams move back to Los Angeles they’ll lock him in a closet in St. Louis.


N.Y. Jets 28, Dallas 7 – Jets eliminated from contention from AFC East when Miami lost Monday night, because somehow that clinched that the Patriots will finish the season with a better “strength of victory” than the Jets, which is like the fifth playoff tiebreaker. That’s the sort of thing that would only happen to the Jets.  


Kansas City 20, Baltimore 10 – Can’t imagine the Chiefs would run the table after starting 1-5. But, they are playing the Ravens this week.


Houston 17, Indianapolis 10 – Battle of backup quarterbacks, for the AFC South lead, in a division where 6-6 is good enough for first place. This game deserves to be banished to Thursday Night.


Atlanta 41, Jacksonville 14 – Ladies and gentlemen, your AFC South champion Jacksonville Jaguars!


Minnesota 40, Chicago 14 – Just when you thought the Bears were about to sneak into the playoff conversation, reality struck.


New England 24, Tennessee 7 – The Patriots could field an Injured Reserve squad that’d beat the Titans.


N.Y. Giants 27, Carolina 13 – I’m giving the Panthers one more chance to not go undefeated.


Buffalo 24, Washington 17 – I mean at some point somebody has to create some separation in the NFC East, whether it’s by winning or losing.


Green Bay 38, Oakland 7 – I’m betting the Raiders can’t beat playoff teams in consecutive weeks.


Seattle 31, Cleveland 13 – In last week’s win, Johnny Manziel started talking smack to 49ers after a play in which he was sacked in the end zone for a safety was nullified by a San Francisco penalty. You know you’re having a bad season when that’s the best opportunity for you to talk smack.


Pittsburgh 35, Denver 24 – In this matchup, I prefer to say that I’m rooting against the Broncos.


San Diego 12, Miami 9 – At this rate the Dolphins may cinch that the Jets lose the strength-of-victory tiebreaker against everyone.


Cincinnati 20, San Francisco 13 – Seems a little weird that the Super Bowl is in San Francisco in a year when the 49ers (five Super Bowl championships) are so awful.


Arizona 20, Philadelphia 17 – Third time in the last six week Arizona is on Sunday Night Football. NBC stands for Nothing But Cardinals.


New Orleans 42, Detroit 7 – I still can’t believe the Lions lost that Green Bay game.




2015 TO DATE: 123-85


2014 AFTER WEEK 14: 139-69

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