Thursday, December 3, 2015

NFL 2015 Week 13 Predictions -- Bad Officiating Edition

I got so wound up with Thanksgiving that I forgot to see how I did last week. The answer: 9-7. Would’ve been a much-better-sounding 10-6 if the Browns hadn’t imploded at the end of Monday night. Oh well.


This week’s picks:


Green Bay 40, Detroit 10 – Lions can’t really sweep the Packers, can they?


Houston 24, Buffalo 21 – JJ Watt has more sacks than the Buffalo front seven combined. Yeah, but Rex Ryan has a bigger mouth than the entire population of Houston combined.


Chicago 13, San Francisco 3 – Bears sneaking into the playoff picture. And I didn’t burst out laughing when I typed that.


Cincinnati 24, Cleveland 6 – LAST WEEK: Browns attempt field goal on the last play of a tie game. RESULT: Field goal attempt blocked by Ravens and run back for game-winning touchdown. THIS WEEK: Browns coach Mike Pettine attempts to light Christmas tree at team headquarters, sets Browns’ facility on fire.


Miami 28, Baltimore 13 – Remember six weeks ago when everybody was like, “Wow, Dan Campbell really turned this Dolphins team around?”


Seattle 41, Minnesota 20 – There’s always one game every week where I’m like, “Why am I picking this team to win?” This week, this is the game.


N.Y. Giants 41, N.Y. Jets 28 – Giants and Jets playing just the way I like them to play: with both teams in danger of fading from playoff contention.


Arizona 19, St. Louis 6 – Bruce Arians on the Rams: “I’ll have dinner with ‘em, but I ain’t liking ‘em.” Wait….what?


Atlanta 28, Tampa Bay 24 – I’m giving the Falcons one last chance before I give up on them for the season.


Tennessee 17, Jacksonville 6 – I’m giving the Titans one last chance to play like an NFL team before I give up on them for the season.


Kansas City 20, Oakland 13 – I feel like Chiefs are due for a letdown. If I hadn’t already picked the Seahawks to beat the Vikings, this would be “that game.”


Denver 20, San Diego 17 – I mean, any quarterback would look like Peyton Manning if they get every holding call, even the ones that don’t exist.


New England 31, Philadelphia 28 – Referee Pete Morelli and his crew was demoted after a poor performance last week, and reassigned from the Sunday night Indianapolis-Pittsburgh game to this one. That’s like impeaching Richard Nixon and reassigning him to governor of Massachusetts.


New Orleans 32, Carolina 21 – Saints suck, but for some reason I feel like they have the best chance to knock Carolina from the ranks of the undefeated.


Pittsburgh 26, Indianapolis 7 – I mean, Matt Hasselbeck has to lose a game sometime, right?


Washington 27, Dallas 20 – Redskins playing a meaningful game with playoff implications against a weak opponent. So they’ll probably lose.







2015 TO DATE: 101-75


2014 AFTER WEEK 12: 118-58

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