Monday, September 2, 2013

Beauty: Still In the Eye of the Beholder, Despite What Silly Memes Say

A new one of those random-fact memes is out, saying that studies show that we see ourselves as 5 times more attractive than we really are. Of course, it quotes no person or actual study, so immediately you should be skeptical (though I've seen it delivered as gospel on many people's social media of late).

Another website claims to debunk this "fact" and says we're actually 20% more attractive than we see ourselves.

While I like the second "study" better and tend to feel that we're always our own worst critics, I find myself wondering how someone can actually measure something that is 100% subjective. There's no unit of measurement called a Hottie that quantifies how attractive someone is, and if I feel like I'm a 1 on the Hottie scale, maybe I'm really a .2 or a 1.2 (based on the above studies), but someone else is just as likely to feel like I'm a 13.91 or a -2,472 on the scale. As the old Twilight Zone episode said, it's all in the eye of the beholder.

People should focus less on cutting and pasting memes and more on personal improvement (and that's not necessarily physical improvement).

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