Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl 47 Predictions

Because of my irritation that the Patriots lost, and life getting in the way, I haven't been paying attention to the endless, two-week buildup to Super Bowl 47. What I do know is that the 49ers and Ravens are both very good teams. I can see this either going either way, with Ray Lewis going out as a champion or with Colin Kapernick putting on a display of excellence and causing a sea change in the way teams try to move the football on offense.

There are, however, a number of great prop bets, over-unders on things that really have nothing to do with the game. I am not in Las Vegas right now, but I'll offer my own book of predictions:

First touchdown: I'm going way outside the box here, even though it probably won't happen, because it's more fun that way, 49ers G Mike Iupati, on a recovery of a Frank Gore fumble in the end zone.  

Number of mentions on CBS about how two brothers are coaching against each other in the Super Bowl:  374

Number of camera shots of 49ers backup quarterback Alex Smith looking moody and disgruntled on the sidelines: 23

Number of tweets about how "The #PuppyBowl is better than the #SuperBowl": 54,312

Number of Super Bowl commercials worth the cost of advertising: 1

Number of Super Bowl commercials that fall flat: 136

Number of consecutive hours Ray Lewis and deer antlers trend on Twitter: 13

Number of times CBS' Jim Nantz utters the phrase "Ray Lewis, playing in his final NFL game": 17

And, oh yeah, before I forget:

49ers 34, Ravens 24.

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