Friday, February 1, 2013

Me, Sexism, and the California Raisins

My current GMail status update is "books, check 'em out!" after a friend and I reminisced about an old California Raisins commercial from when I was younger.

This is a recent development (i.e., within the past 24 hours) and it wasn't long before someone saw my GMail status and accused me of being sexist, apparently in a fit of dyslexia from substituting a different letter of the alphabet in place of the "k" in books.

I have several thoughts about this.

1) I am not sexist.

2) While there are always exceptions to the rule, books are generally not sexist.

3) In fact, this person is probably more sexist than me.

3) This person has a filthy mind.

4) This person needs to pay more attention when creeping on people's social media statuses.

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