Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Side Effect of Unusual Dreams

We've all seen those commercials for prescription medications where they spent 90% of the commercial listing all the side effects that could affect you. They're pretty clichĂ© by now.

Well, this one caught my attention -- a commercial for Chantix smoking cessation pills. Starts off normal. The off-camera narrator spends the final two-thirds of the commercial rattling off all the side effects.

Check it out, though. At 0:53, the narrator lists one of the side effects as "unusual dreams."

"Unusual dreams" is a side effect?

I have unusual dreams every night. Last night I had a dream that someone pulled a knife on me outside of a yoga studio at midnight because he thinks I stole his winter coat, and he pulled out his smartphone to call three of his gang-banging buddies to "take care of me."

I woke up shortly thereafter, a little shaken but much more calm knowing that my life was not in imminent danger.

So, do I need to see a doctor about this?

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