Monday, July 7, 2014

Northborough's Biggest Delinquent

My printer isn't working right now, and didn't have time to troubleshoot because I had to print something today. So I ran over to the Northborough Town Library for five minutes to hop onto on of the computers, print what I needed and head back home.

As I got back in my car, I realized I had left my sunglasses (which I had taken off because they were of no use indoors) in the library next to the computer I was using. I ran back upstairs.

Fortunately they were still there. But I also noticed something else that I hadn't noticed the first time  was there -- a sign with a price rate of 15 cents per printed page.

I printed out three pages.

I walked out without paying, didn't realize it, and nobody tried to stop me.  I owe them 45 cents.

Now I feel bad. I go over to the librarian station, but she's not there. I wait for 5 minutes. She doesn't return.

And I have places to be, so I leave, delinquent on my 45-cent bill to the town.

If Northborough can't afford to build a new school sometime in the future, it's my fault.

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