Sunday, July 28, 2013

Snark Tank

Every so often I collect my empty bottles and bring them to the supermarket for redemption in the bottle machines. When this happens, I always check first to see if the machines are unoccupied by other customer. I'm very impatient and I hate to wait.

I did this recently at Shaw's and got the all-clear, so I went back to my car and grabbed the bottles. When I got back, one of the supermarket workers had wheeled a mop and bucket into the bottle redemption room.

No problem, I thought. I'll just work around her.

Except that once I brushed by her, she turned and said, "Hey! You can't be here right now!"

This is total crap customer service, and it'd never fly at The Chopper. At The Chopper, if a customer wanted to redeem some bottles while we were mopping or otherwise doing work in the redemption cove, we'd let them and find a way to do our work without getting in their way.

"Well, I am here right now," I told her. "So you're gonna have to worm around me."

She grumbled something and left.

Shaw's could take a lesson from The Chopper. But that doesn't mean I can't meet snark with snark.

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