Friday, October 5, 2012

The Pyramid

Ya gotta give GSN props. They've brought back The Pyramid, a reboot of the old Pyramid franchise.

Contestants team up with B-grade celebrities for a word/clue front game. Then they go to the bonus round, where the real fun begins. The celebrity gives clues for six categories to the contestant (usually, though its the contestant's choice and sometimes the contestant opts to give the clues). The contestant then has 60 seconds to correctly guess the category (i.e., "Things You Add," "Why You Quit Your Job," "What Lindsey Lohan Might Say").

I like that the new GSN version has done very little tinkering with the original format. That said, it still leaves me wanting more. Part of this is that the bonus round never has more than $25,000 at stake. When I was growing up, Pyramid would have SEVERAL tournaments each year where the first contestant to get to the top of the pyramid would win a cool $100,000. I realize GSN is a low-budget, high-school-AV-Club type of channel so they probably don't have money to burn, but still, come ON guys! You can't do better than $25K?

But more importantly, my disappointment is because of what the new Pyramid doesn't have -- any tension. I used to get so fired up right before the bonus round would start when Dick Clark would shout, "Here is your first subject. GO!" Granted, Dick Clark has passed on to that big pyramid in the sky. But can someone please tell the new host (some guy named Mike Richards) to get a little enthusiasm.

Also, the bonus round ticking clock needs to come back. Nothing was more intense when I was growing up than the sound of that clock with $100,000 at stake and the contestant hopelessly stuck on the final clue.

So, while I like that GSN is kickin' it ol' skool, a little more kick would go a long way.

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