Sunday, March 15, 2015

Celebrities Who Follow Me On Twitter

At last count, I had almost 800 Twitter followers, and not all of them are friends, family or trolls. Some of them are actually famous.

This has always been something that thrills me. I've always suspected that celebrities are too busy to spend much time looking for people to follow on Twitter. Sometimes when I check out a celebrity on Twitter my hypothesis is supported: they'll have 2.3 billion followers, but they themselves will be following 13 people.

So I consider it a badge of honor for one to follow me, because I feel like I must've tweeted something that resonated with them. Or they were wicked drunk one night and did something they now regret. I prefer to go with Option A.

There are other times when I wonder if this is the real person, but they have the blue checkmark badge next to their account that verifies its authenticity so I know it's actually them.

I could actually compile a list of quite a few icons who follow me. But for the purpose of this blog I'm leaving out authors, who I'm more likely to know because of my grad school experience and because I feel like authors who follow me is a standalone blog in and of itself.

Anyway, here are a few well-known folks who follow me.

Jerry Remy (@Jerry_Remy) -- I was honored when the Rem Dawg started following me but not shocked, as I tweet a lot about Boston sports and he's the Red Sox color guy. He's kept a much lower profile the past couple of years, understandably so, and now most of his tweeting is linking to The Remy Report. But he makes it easier for me to keep up with the Red Sox.

Ervin Santana (@ErvinSantana_54) -- MLB pitcher, just signed with the Minnesota Twins after spending last season with the Atlanta Braves. I'm a little surprised Santana follows me because, while Santana played for several teams in a 10-year MLB career, none of those teams has been the Red Sox. And I live tweet football more than anything else, not baseball. But hey, happy to have him on board.

Arika Kane (@arikakane) -- R&B recording artist. Also a New England homie, born in Killingly, Connecticut. If you need some smooth ballads to get your significant other in the mood, play some Arika Kane.

Len Saunders (@lensaunders)  -- I actually had no idea who Len Saunders was when he started following me. But he's Twitter-verified and also has a Wikipedia page devoted to him (albeit a short one), so I'm including him here. He's a children's health expert and author.

Taye Diggs (@TayeDiggs) -- One morning not too long ago I woke up to an email notification that the Rent, Private Practice and The Best Man actor was following me on Twitter. I was pretty fired up. He follows a lot of people (like hundreds of thousands) so he's more of an everyman Twitter guy. I am honored.

Ali Spagnola (@alispagnola) -- My newest brush with greatness. Pop/rock electronica artist who compiled The Power Hour Album, an album of 60 one-minute songs you can drink a shot to (because apparently you can buy it in a USB/shot glass) and get hammered by the end of the album. She followed me on National Pi Day (March 14), and that geekiness alone has me excited to have her as a follower. 

There you have it. Now hopefully I haven't pissed them off and made them unfollow me.

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