Saturday, June 7, 2014

13 mph

I went out for a run earlier. I'm trying to whip myself into shape and, along with yoga and The Double, running is one of the methods to my madness.

Toward the end of the route I've started taking there's a school. Parked across the street from the school is one of those flashing speed measurement signs police departments employ. Makes sense. You probably want cars to slow it down near a school.

As I approached the sign there were no cars anywhere in sight, so I don't expect the sign to do anything.

Wrong. The sign flashes "13" at me.

No way. I am a slow, plodding runner. At 13mph I would be able to finish a marathon in slightly more than 2 hours, a world record.

Clearly this sign needs to be recalibrated, repaired or tossed in a scrap heap.

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