Monday, June 11, 2012

Bank Deposit Slip Thief

One of my new jobs only offers direct deposit if I open an account with their credit union, which seems like a lot of hassle. Another sends me checks. (Fortunately, the third job does offer direct deposit.)

So I have a couple of checks sitting on my desk and last week I used my last deposit slip. This won't do. I went to my bank Monday morning to deposit the checks.

And while I was there, I noticed a stack of deposit slips.

I looked to my left and right. The bank had just opened and nobody was really paying attention. I took a stack of about 50 deposit slips and stuffed them in my pocket.

Problem solved. Of course, now I feel like a criminal, like the scum that scum scrapes off of the bottom of its shoes.

I always was a rebel.

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